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About us

The South African Institute of Security (SAIS) was established in Johannesburg in 1978 – and was responsible for drawing up the original training standards for the security industry.


Our aim is to promote continual professional development and to support the maintenance and enhancement of this development by security professionals. This includes the professional recognition of security practitioners through skills development training (Sector Safety and Security Training and Education Authority) and diplomas/degrees.


The Institute is managed by a Board of Governors, comprising a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and nine governors.

Governors are responsible for administering the following portfolios:

  • Ethics
  • Endorsement of “training programmes”
  • Verification of membership
  • Events

Should you be interested in becoming a member of the Institute, kindly click here.

Click here to download a copy of the constitution.

Code of Ethics

All fellows, members, graduates, associates, junior graduates and students of the South African Institute of Security shall at all times and in all circumstances:
Act with the utmost discretion, trust and dedication in all their professional functions, roles and commitments;
Act without malice, lack of care or lack of responsibility to the prejudice of an employer, employee or client, a colleague or a competitor, or the public interest;
Act with decency, simple justice, honesty, integrity and for the public good regardless of the social pressures or the mercenary advantages to be gained by behaviour to the contrary;
Act within the law and the social mores of society and within the morality and ethics of sound moral principles and honesty;
Decline to act in a professional capacity unless capable, qualified and competent to do so;
Support, contribute and be loyal to the South African Institute of Security and its membership at every opportunity and under all circumstances.